Our Mission

The McCall Gym Group, Inc., doing business as American Barbell Clubs, provides a serious workout environment with state-of-the-art strength, functional and cardiovascular equipment to assist its members in the achievement of their health and fitness goals.

So, here we are, 15 months into our new, independent health club branding, although longer in business than all of our competitors in the Silicon Valley market at over 37 years.  During this time, we’ve stayed true to our Mission.  Our workout environment remains a serious place. And, as we say in our, “why choose American Barbell Clubs” website greeting, “the workout is the experience”.  Exercise equipment is organized for optimal efficiency, which is something our members have come to appreciate and expect.  Our facilities aren’t put together by accident.  They are purposely constructed, full of equipment and laid out for the serious fitness enthusiast.  We are one of the few, large platform, independently branded club chains still standing in northern California.

Why would I say that [only] our members are “serious” about their fitness regimens?  What about everyone else who uses a health club?  You’re right.  Serious workout enthusiasts are everywhere.  But for us, it’s a segment of the population that we haven’t run from in the interest of trying to appeal to everyone.  Walk into one of our American Barbell Clubs here in Silicon Valley and you’ll get the “vibe” of our facilities right away – all shapes and sizes of people, male, female, old and young…, but look a little closer.  Everyone seems to be on a mission.  People know what they’re doing, they’re focused, and it’s because they made this lifestyle choice a long time ago.

I like to say, “you can get anything you want today in a health club membership or health club experience”; from low prices and restrictions on your training intensity to boxing rings, swimming pools, structured workouts, tennis courts and very high prices”.  And, there’s an entire segment of “studios” that are dedicated to only particular categories of training.  Take your pick.  We’ve stayed focused on the benefits of strength training, functional training and cardiovascular training and all the off shoots and sub-categories of those exercise modalities.

In our prior life as an iconic, franchised health club brand, our name alone was like kryptonite is to Superman.  People misconstrued the colorful history of the brand as something to fear.  Today, that idea is lost on a new generation of health club users.  These people want their own brands, yet their parents still long for the basic exercise tools they grew up with.  At American Barbell Clubs, we cover all that ground.  Things like Olympic platforms, that someone’s parents of today grew up with, have now become “back to the future” training modalities that their children learned and used at their college fitness center.

For now, we’ll continue to stick with our Mission of…assisting our members in the achievement of their health and fitness goals – at American Barbell Clubs.

Jerry McCall
The McCall Gym Group, Inc.
American Barbell Clubs
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